Timeout Shacklewell Lane special 2016

“A great cup’o joe from Mouse & De Lotz which offers coffee by East End roastery Square Mile alongside a range of breakfast, lunch and sweet options.”

Caffeine Mag 2016

“I can’t resist a latte from Mouse & De Lotz on Shacklewell lane, Dalston” 

Stylist 2011

“If god created a coffee shop, Mouse & de Lotz would be it. Homemade nectarine and raspberry cake, Square Mile Roastery coffee and regular supper clubs”.

Timeout Staff Picks 2013

“The perfectly crafted Square Mile Brew are reason enough to take a detour here. But the delight is also in the details: the music is never annoying, a newspaper is always on hand and the staff are n’t hipster baristas too busy thinking about their next art installation to serve you, but helpful types who actually listen to you preferences and remember them for next time.”

London’s Top 10 Cafes for Work

Number 2

“ Like your very cool friend’s house - huge kitchen table to work at - splendid! “

Cosmopolitan 2011

Cupcakes and Tea the 10 best in Britain
“Bringing a bit of farmhouse charm to Hackney, the wonderfully cosy Mouse & De Lotz is a fine place to while away an afternoon with a pot of steaming tea and hearty bit of cake.”

The London Coffee Guide 2012 ,2013, 2014 and 2015

“To enter Mouse & de lotz is to step back in time to an era of glass milk bottles, singer sewing machines and cakes made by hand. Squashy sofas, window seats and a pretty , vintage aesthetic enhance the comforting retro feel, but free wifi brings this café right up to date and makes it an ideal place to spend a lazy hour.”

Great cake places

“Named after dynamic duo, Nadia Mousawi and Victoria de Lotz, this up-to-the-minute Dalston haunt sells a host of scrumptious homemade cakes, freshly made sandwiches and Square Mile coffee. The display is topped off with old fashioned tags stamped with their signature mouse motif. Goodies are served on dainty, often-mismatched, china. The recently renovated interior oozes warmth - quaint and quirky touches like chalked blackboards, and cheekily defaced Victorian postcard wall hangings, complete the experience.”

Tea & Cake London 2012

“Hackney may well have more than its fair share of independent café’s, but the fashionable Mouse & de lotz is a stone’s throw from the main throng of Kingsland Road and deserves making the effort to find. The real winner here, however is the café’s daily tea loaf-spread thick with butter, it is lovely with a cup of Yorkshire bagged tea. Nadya and Victoria the proprietors found cheerily pottering behind the counter, like to vary their menu. So alongside the tea loaf, expect one gluten free cake (Such as an orange and almond) Custurd smothered Bristish classics and a special that could be an ambitious parsnip and maple syrup sponge or decadent raspberry, white chocolate and conconut cake.”

Square meal

“A little pocket of tweeness on anything-but-twee Shacklewell Lane, Mouse & de Lotz is a useful address for good coffee & cake just a hop & a skip from Stoke Newington Road.  Freshly ground Square Mile coffee (handled with the care it deserves) goes beautifully with elegant cakes (made on the premises) such as lavender or dark chocolate & raspberry, although a Yorkshire tea seems more the thing with an old-fashioned toasted teacake or a slice of cheese on toast.”

The London coffee map

“Mouse and de lotz were one of the stimulants to this up and coming pocket of hackney. The space is nice and they make a good coffee. The food menu is simple with sandwiches, cakes and slices”